Upcoming and previous events at ETH Zurich and partners


  • Introduction to Vue.js (March 2017 | level: basic | language: English)
    [pdf | code examples]


  • Interactive Web Maps
    (February 2016 | training on: Web Cartography with Open Source Software | level: basic | language: English)
  • Courses organized by Sourcepole
    (yearly new | open participation | trainings on: PostGIS, QGIS | level: various | language: German)


  • Introduction to D3.js
    (January 2015 | training on: 2D Maps, Globes, Charts, Legends | level: basic | language: English)


  • GitLab Tutorial for WebStorm and TortoiseGit (2018)
  • Using FME to create 3D Tiles for Cesium from OpenStreetMap data (2018)
    [pdf | data package]
  • Using JOSM to Extract and Save Specific OpenStreetMap Data into a GIS format (2018)
  • Using QGIS to Extract and Save Specific OpenStreetMap data into a GIS format (2014)
    [pdf | data package]
  • Using QGIS to convert a spreadsheet (or a .csv file) into a point-Shapefile (2014)
    [data package]
  • Creating a Web Map with Texture and Scale-dependent Symbolization using TileMill and MapBox (2014)
    [pdf | data package]

Further educational materials:

Inquiries regarding opportunities for training can be also directed to: Ionuț Iosifescu

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